Annual Report

 The year 2021 was a trying one for police departments all across New Hampshire. We faced challenges as well, but worked diligently to cover patrol shifts, fill vacancies and ensure that new hires were ready to begin their roles with the Wakefield Police Department.

Comprehensive efforts by our department have been highly effective in keeping our accident numbers down. This includes participation in Office of Highway Safety initiatives. Data from these details have led to the development and implementation of strategic patrols, which have resulted in getting impaired drivers off the road, thus saving lives. K9 Echo, under the supervision of Officer Matthew Martino continues to be an important part of our department and community. Echo has been involved in multiple drug searches as well tracking missing persons. The police department continues to work closely with other law enforcement agencies to enhance the safety of the residents of Wakefield.

Our goal for 2022 will be to continue to work to further reduce the crime rate and promote traffic safety.

The department suffered some staffing shortages but I am extremely proud of our supervisors and patrolmen for their flexibility and working together as a team to make sure we were adequately staffed at all times. In 2021 we welcomed Officer Garrett Anthony and Officer Adam Lawton to the department. They both bring experience and knowledge with them that will benefit the Town of Wakefield.

 The department continues to operate a Facebook page to share information with members of the public. It has also been a highly effective way for people to reach out to us with questions and concerns. Several upgrades were made to our website  This has been a great additional source for people to utilize to communicate with us and stay informed with what’s going on with our department.

Respectfully submitted,

Chief John Ventura, Esq.

Wakefield Police Department Report


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