The members of the Police Department have voted for Officer Trevor Cherry as Officer of the Year. Officer Cherry does an outstanding job. He also runs the Police Explorer Program, Special Olympic Events, and he is the goalie for the “CHAD” Law Enforcement Hokey Team, which raises funds for kids in need.


Thank you for your years of support.

Kenneth G. Fifield

Chief of Police (Retired, March 2017)

Officer of the Year:

Animal Control:

603-522-3232 (business line)

  • Grant Funded Patrols – We conducted several patrols through cooperative grants – Speed Patrols, DWI, & Area Wide DWI Patrols, DWI Check Point, Safe Commuter Patrols, and Distracted Driving Patrols.

  • Granite Hammer Drug Interdiction Patrols – Proved to be very successful.


  • We continued to offer the SHIELD program at the Paul School and other local crime prevention seminars at the Public Safety Building including: Fraud, Firearm Safety & Home Defense, and “Hard Targets” property crime protection.

  • The Firearms Safety Course was very popular; I support and armed citizenry and the right to self-defense. I believe criminals take notice. 

Annual Report

        This year has been the most active and demanding year in our history. We had a significant increase in cases and calls for service, while at the same time we were short in staffing for a while. All the staff here worked very hard to keep up with the demand and pulled together as a great team. I am extremely proud of everyone here!  Again, this last year we improved our efforts with the heroin and drug issues plaguing the State. In both Wakefield and Brookfield, overdose calls were cut and drug interdiction was very successful and several dealing and drug possession cases were brought to a close. We have initiated early intervention and included treatment options in most of our prosecution, resulting in much lower recidivism rates.

        Another main focus this past year was road safety. We increased motor vehicle patrols and intervention. Our overall goal is to keep this a safe place to live and drive.

        Finally, I would like to thank the people of Wakefield and Brookfield for their continued support over the years. This is my last town report to write as I will be retiring on March 30th, 2018. I have been extremely proud to have served you!

Policing Efforts in 2017:
  • Once again, we were able to find homes for every stray dog or cat last year through our adoption program.

  • The Rabies Clinics and Neutering Clinics were successful and we will be running them again this year.

  • Reminder: Most animal control calls are non-responsible owners, not animals. We also will be tougher on unregistered dog owners, so please take care of them.

  • Reminder: Although the ACO works part time, the Police Department handles animal call 24/7. Please call the Carroll County Dispatch for these calls at 539-2284.

  • The second floor of the Public Safety Building was finished this year. Selectmen Edwards managed the project, and it came out beautiful. Many thanks to Charlie for his hard work and support.
  • The Facebook page has been very successful. Please like our page to receive timely posts. We are also maintaining our web page for more statistical purposes.
  • We are continuing to host regional trainings which bring more high-quality training to our officers at a lower cost than sending them out.
  • We are still receiving equipment from the Government Surplus Program which we might not otherwise be able to purchase.
  • Again, we are encouraging homeowners to display your street number at your residence, this saves valuable time, and could save a life.
  • We are working on an initiative with the New Hampshire Fusion Center to be able to share more intelligence and important information. The purpose is so that we would be more prepared for threats to our community.
Year in Review

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